Adventure Group for Boys:

Our goal is to create a safe group for boys with an adventure theme. We’ll have fun and make better connections with peers, parents and mentors. Every boy is an adventurer at heart. Everyone has an adventure to share.
Boys 7-12 years old are invited along with their parent(s) or guardian(s). A boy may be accompanied by an adult other than his legal guardian – adult relative, unrelated mentor, etc – provided he has a permission slip.
Adults who wish to join us, and do not bring their own kids, may do so after completing a background check form. TPI mentors with current background checks don’t have to complete a new form.
These are not a strictly male events. Women are invited to bring their sons. There is a separate program for women and their daughters called Journey to Womanhood.
Please understand that this is not a drop-off event. Please come prepared to participate with your boy. Please bring a $5/person (or more) donation (check or cash) for Threshold Passages, Inc.